Counter Strike 1.6 download for free

Download non Steam Counter Strike 1.6 install directly or through a torrent client like uTorrent just in one click. Light game RIP from the original Steam package is uploaded to server for the fastest download. This V48 patch is with bots, clean, not modified, only some custom maps like de_dust2_2x2 included, so you don't need to get them from the servers. Also, we have master-server in current cs 1.6 download files to instantly join our classic server, also by downloading this Counter-Strike client you automatically get V.I.P. features on all our servers for free. Read more about Counter Strike 1.6 on the original wikipedia page.

Download updated on 2018.03.05

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CS 1.6 servers list

At the moment we only have one CS server, because the project has been opened recently and there are not enough players to launch more. But we work hard to make the game perfect to play and expand the list. Classic CS 1.6 server is plugins-free, absolutely clean and strictly maintained, only original maps allowed. Help us to become better and join our team - for more details feel free to contact Skype: s.mason66.

public cs 1.6 server